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There was a period when Mac was the most secure device on the market. Most users believed that do not have to care about special antivirus as their firewall controlled the full variety of external threats. At the moment the situation has drastically changed as hackers developed new and sophisticated methods to attacks individual users’ information.

At this point, a Comodo secure program is a great choice. We recommend this antivirus for people who look for comprehensive and easy protection. It has a 30-days free trial. Such software safes from various threats, including trojans, mac warms, and other virus types. 

Main Advantages of Comodo Antivirus Mac

The Comodo Antivirus for Mac is listed among the top protection programs for several years in a row. Many minded customers choose it following a bunch of advantages the antivirus offers:

  • Easy download & installation process
  • Intuitive interface not requiring any special technical background to master
  • Automatic updates, as well as on-access scanning and regular scanning per individual convenience
  • A special box for protection from unknown files

When we are talking about this protection solution the first idea that comes to mind is its simplicity. The only concern you get in the installation process is its focus on the Yahoo browser. It is very likely that the program will set it up as a default without you even noticing this. For some users, it might not be any concern, but for the Chrome adapters, it might be a devastating experience. So please control the install. 

The full scan lasts for about 2 hours, being a long-term period in comparison to the average of 45 minutes offered on the market. But you can set up scans for various amounts of files and folders per individual choice, which rather convenient. There are also the basic and advanced interfaces of this program. When you use the advanced mode, antivirus displays the system’s security dashboard. It is a good thing if you want to control enabled services and/or network intrusions with Comodo. 

We do not recommend this software for antiphishing protection as tests showed its inability to defend against hand-modified ransomware samples and potentially fraudulent URLs. But, the Comodo’s unknown programs isolation can overcome this drawback to some extent. The test also showed some slip in performance for resource-intensive operations during the Comodo exploitation.

To sum it up, Comodo is a great basic solution with an intuitive interface plus full protection against typical threats.

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