How to Uninstall Trend Micro Antivirus from MacBook

When you install an app on your Mac, you may find it in /Applications as well as its setting in ~/Library/Preferences.

Many users think that it will be enough to delete an app to Trash in order to completely get rid of it. Though some applications create subsidiary files, cash data and so on. And if you believe that the software is deleted, you are mistaken. 

So, if you decide to uninstall Trend Micro from you Mac, there are several ways.

Trend Micro Antivirus Uninstallation

First of all, take steps as follows:

  1.     Open the Office Scan web console and select Plug-in Manager from the main menu.
  2.     Scroll to Trend Micro Security (for Mac) and click Uninstall.
  3.   Follow the progress of the removal. You can open another screen during deletion. 

After the removal is complete, the Trend Micro Security server (for Mac) can be installed again.

The second way is:

  1.     Close Trend Micro Antivirus and all the related processes.
  2.     Open Finder – Applications
  3.     Locate Trend Micro app there, and transfer it to the Trash
  4.     Press Empty Trash in the Finder

Moreover, you may delete it in the Launchpad. Note, you will have to enter your administrator password.

Remember that when you empty your Trash, the application will be completely removed from your Mac and you cannot cancel your actions.

Trend micro removal tool for Mac

When uninstalling Trend Micro from Mac, you may see a notification that the app cannot be removed as it is open. It means that the program and/or the related processes are still in progress. To quit the app, you should click right button on the app and press Quit. In order to stop all the processes, you need to open Activity Monitor (it locates in the folder Applications/Utilities).

When you take all these steps, then reboot your Mac.

If your app was installed from the AppStore, there is another way to delete it.

Locate Trend Micro in the Launchpad and press and hold its icon. Then press Remove in the dialogue icon.

Also, there are apps with in-built Uninstaller. Try to open the folder where Trend Micro is located and look for elements named Remove. Click on them twice to launch and follow the instructions.

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