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Uninstallation of Norton Antivirus on Mac

First of all, Norton Antivirus is a protecting software managed and administered by Symantec Corporation. The service offers protection against viruses, unwanted applications, malicious inquiries, Internet threats and operating vulnerabilities. It inspects the system for viruses, malware and suspicious documents, also prevents their penetration through the Internet. Like the other antivirus program, Norton isn’t perfect, so it’s absolutely natural if you decided to escape it.

Some causes to remove Norton Antivirus on Mac

As we have discovered it isn’t an ideal program, that’s why many users complain of loss of personal data (while fighting malware), slowing of speed (including problems with system performance), annoying notifications, necessity to reestablish the program  specificity in utilization and, surely, high price.

Consequently, a heap of users choose alternative virus protection solutions. Having found another antivirus service, appears the question: how to accomplish Norton’s removal on Mac? So let me give you key tips on how to pull out it once and for all.

Mac’s guide: tips to uninstall Norton Antivirus effortlessly.

So keep going with following steps:

  • Run your device.
  • In the Menu choose “Uninstall”
  • Affirm the action and wait while all files are deleted.
  • To finish the operation, reinstate computer.
  • Open the Finder
  • In the Menu click “Go to Library”
  • Find the next subfolders and delete all below :
  1. ~/Library/Application Support
  2. ~/Library/Caches
  3. ~/Library/Container
  4. ~/Library/Preferences

Also there is easier way, which includes usage of uninstalling tool. In order to eliminate the program definitely you can use some tool, for instance, Appcleaner (Uninstaller Pro). The purpose of the app is pretty clear – dismiss unuseful applications, find their administrative data and handle the extensions. Thus while moving garbage to “Trash”, you are supposed to receive a notification to obtain access for removing connected service files too.

Therefore the user is able to verify “spoiled” and rarely used applications. Believe me, such apps take up too much space on the disk. If you would like to delete a program totally, make a click on “Remove”  and it will be completed immediately.

Taking everything into conclusion, Norton Antivirus is a really helpful service for Mac, but because of its disadvantages you can wish to delete it at all. The attached instruction will help you to get rid of Norton in a few clicks.

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