Why uninstall Avira from Mac

Avira Antivirus software is a free service for Mac which is one of the good options to protect your computer from viruses and malware. It has an easy interface, understandable even for beginners. However, its scores in malware protection are not high enough to consider Avira the best antivirus software available. For instance, Avast Antivirus or AVG Antivirus has better security ranks.

Avira uninstaller Mac for everyone

Avira could do better: both in malware detection, design, and impact on the Mac system. If you want to protect your Mac without spending much money, Avira is a normal option. But if you want a top choice, without significant system impact while conducting full scans, pay attention to other antivirus services. One of the possible options is Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac: if you can pay $40 annually, you will be satisfied with parental control and better detection rates. In this regard, if you have already downloaded Avira on Mac, and you realize that it is not the option you expected, we are here to explain to you how to uninstall it to make space for new software.

How to uninstall Avira from Mac

The installation of Avira Antivirus takes not more than 3 minutes. After you click “Download”, you will see the file with disk image which contains the installer itself. When you open it, the rest of the files are downloaded. But what if you decided to change your antivirus software and download a new one? Having two or more antivirus programs on the one Mac can cause a conflict and even crash it. So you may need the instruction on how to remove any antivirus program from your Mac. What if you need to uninstall Avira?

Luckily, uninstalling an antivirus software is a simple process. The most effective way to do it is:

  1. Open the Finder (menu bar) and select “Utilities” (you will see then in a pull-down list)
  2. Check the “Avira-Uninstall” icon in the folder “Unitilies” and start the uninstallation process. You can also do otherwise – open the “Application” folder and drag the Avira-Uninstall to the “Trash’. That’s it! You have successfully uninstalled Avira Antivirus software.
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